Should I inspect the perimeter drains and sewer line before buying a house?

While no amount of due diligence can 100% protect you when purchasing a home in Victoria or Vancouver Island, there are important steps that we recommend that help reduce your risk dramatically.

Once we have negotiated the purchase of your new home and ensured that the contract looks after your best interests, we enter the “conditional period” or what we call our due diligence period.  During this time, we recommend getting a home inspection, but also checking a number of other things from the zoning and the permits on the property, to scanning for underground oil tanks.  One item that sometimes is overlooked is the inspection of the perimeter drains and sewer line.

Why is it important to inspect the perimeter drains and sewer lines of homes in Victoria, Oak Bay and Saanich?

typical drainage of house in Victoria BC - Perimeter drains & sewer line pipesThe perimeter drains and sewer line are part of the plumbing infrastructure of every home and they need regular maintenance.  Clogged or collapsed perimeter drains and sewer lines can cause basement flooding, mildew, mold and environmental contamination.

While the cost of inspecting and maintaining your perimeter drains is very  affordable, the costs to repair damage caused by flooding or replacement costs for aging perimeter drains and sewer lines can be extremely expensive.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) has an excellent brochure on  perimeter drains and sewer lines entitled: Maintenance of Underground Pipes to protect your home from Basement Flooding. It’s a great resource that can help homeowners and buyers in Victoria understand how a home drainage system works and how to ensure it is maintained.  It includes answers on:

What type of underground pipes are on your property?

Who is responsible for the sewer and drain pipes around your home?

What are the risks of not maintaining your perimeter drains and sewer line?

How often should I clean my perimeter drains?

What factors put your perimeter drains and sewer line at risk?

How to tell if your home has drainage problems?

Important questions to ask a home inspection or drainage company which is inspecting your perimeter drains?

How to maintain residential perimeter drains?

Don’t ignore the perimeter drains and sewer line in your current home or in a home you are thinking about buying.  Learn why?

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